A downloadable game for Windows

I hope you will enjoy this entry for the 40th Ludum Dare.

This time was a bit different, because i had only Sunday Night and the whole Monday (took the day off) to get a playable game done. This theme was very difficult for me, because i did not came up with an idea anytime soon. Finally i got something i do enjoy: **Reindeer Runners**.

In Reindeer Runners you control a lot of reindeers with cute reindeer names :smile: who are following the alpha reindeer. But watch out for traps or other obstacles they've got to avoid! The **first character** of their name **indicates the key** you got to press in the right moment.

Every now and then another reindeer joins the reindeer herd. The more reindeers the more fun :smile: The more stages you master, the harder it gets.

You can return to the main menu by pressing the escape key at any time during the run.


LD40 Reindeer Runners.zip 20 MB